Getting the Most Out of Your New Hybrid Office

Getting the Most Out of Your New Hybrid Office
NEWS 09/08/2022

The Hybrid Office is here to stay, and now is the time to redefine your office space to get the best out of a strong hybrid culture. Redefining and redesigning the workspaces is key to getting the best out of this new era of hybrid work. The new office should be a space to reenergize and reconnect people. Spaces should give the opportunity to collaborate while in the office, the ability to connect those for spontaneous meetings that are not in the office, and provide dedicated workstations where people feel comfortable working productively.

As you redefine and redesign your new office space you will want to consider the key concerns,


Providing spaces that promote teamwork and increase collaboration between in-person and remote workers can promote better performance, teambuilding, and ideation. The blend of on and offline interactions create challenges that can be easily avoided with the right design, furniture, and technology. With the right AV furniture, you can ensure that your new hybrid work environment is a success that increases employee performance and satisfaction.

Exact Furniture offers solutions designed to make sure employers get the most out of hybrid workstyles. From collaborative tables to mobile display units with integrated TV and technology, we offer multiple AV furniture solutions designed to connect people and teams.


To make the most out of the hybrid style, implementing new technologies into huddle spaces and dedicated workstations is necessary so that it is easy and seamless for people to connect. Whether it is one-on-one or small group video calls, people need to have the right spaces and technologies to connect to their coworkers. These can be either in an enclosed space or at a desk with more privacy.

For your in-office participants, it is important that they have dedicated workstations where they feel comfortable getting their work done. It needs to be comfortable, ergonomic, have a sense of privacy, and is well-equipped with the right technologies, lighting, and acoustics. Without the right design, your people may face distractions, have issues taking calls, and be unproductive if uncomfortable, which can lead to lower performance, poorer quality of work, and feeling demotivated.

With globalization, you probably have people working from far-off and diverse locations. Creating a sense of community will be key to people feeling connected to the organization, brand, and the people they work with. It is important that people feel heard, seen, and that they are a part of the team, regardless of where they are working from. By feeling part of the group, people are more likely to be inspired, motivated, and engaged, which intern can boost productivity, innovation, and retention. Strong communities have a sense of shared purpose. Your workplace should foster a sense of community and cooperation among your people.