Exact Furniture manufactures a wide range of furniture related to the audio visual

Exact_custom_podiumCustomized Furniture

How can we customize our furniture to better suit your needs?

At Exact Furniture, we encourage modifications to our products which can help facilitate and improve the delivery of an education platform. Many of our standard products and concepts come from the end users as we work together to capture the required tasks that are needed. What is your level of customization? Adding a cut-out for technology in a specific location, modifying a standard product to better suit the required function or creating a completely new product design?

Level 1

Adding different configurations/ accessories to standard products. Examples include adding a thermostat fan, modesty panel, dash with cut-outs to any standard products.

Level 2

Modifying an existing standard product increasing the width or size of the product to increase functionally. Examples include widening the work surface on a desk, adding extra height to a racking compartment.

Level 3

Develop a new product entirely, customized to meet all the necessary requirements including functional and technology. Example include new height adjustable instructors’ desk, new design for a meeting or huddle table.

Case Studies