Terms & Conditions

Commercial Terms

 Overall Exact Furniture Standard Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. See https://exactfurniture.com for currently prevailing terms. All specifications, pricing, and other information is believed to be accurate at the time of publication (E&OE) but is subject to change without notice. Prices herein are valid in Canada only and are stated in CDN dollars. Possession of this document does not constitute an offer to sell.


Orders are considered binding on the Buyer and on Exact Furniture, subject to the ICC Force Majeure Clause 2003 or the ICC Hardship Clause 2003. If the Buyer wishes to cancel an order, the decision to accept cancellation lies with Exact and will be governed by its ability to conform.

A penalty or service fee may be imposed at the discretion of Exact Furniture. Once production has begun, neither standard or custom orders are eligible for change or cancellation.

Change Orders

The Exact Furniture ‘Order Acknowledgment’ is final, and binding and any subsequent change is subject to approval at the sole discretion of Exact Furniture. Exact Furniture reserves the right to increase the acknowledged price, if such a change warrants any extra charge.

Defects and Shortages

All claims must be reported within the first thirty (30) days after delivery of goods. Exact Furniture assumes no responsibility for misuse or abuse.


Merchandise may not be returned without the prior written consent of Exact Furniture. If returned within thirty (30) days, and by agreement, a restocking and repacking charge will be deducted from the credit note in addition to any expense for reconditioning that may be necessary. Return transportation must be prepaid ( DDP Vaughan, ON), packed in the original packaging.

Financial Terms

Terms are “prepayment with order” unless otherwise pre-approved, in writing, in advance, by Exact Furniture. For such accounts, orders are subject to limit or withdrawal of credit at any time. The approved purchaser will be invoiced for the goods as they are shipped and payment is due thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. Late penalties will be charged on overdue invoices. Invoices are payable in CDN funds and include taxes or installation. All orders accepted are subject to prices prevailing at time of Order Acknowledgement.


Quotes issued by Exact Furniture are valid for ninety (90) days and are for the products and terms specified therein.

Order Acceptance

Orders are binding only upon acceptance by the executive office of Exact Furniture which is confirmed by issuance of an Exact Furniture Order Acknowledgement. Orders accepted by Exact Furniture shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth in this Acknowledgment and subsequent Invoice, notwithstanding any variance in terms and conditions set forth in the buyer’s order forms. Minimum order value is $100.00. Exact Furniture appreciates your order and will endeavour to fulfill it as agreed.


Sales Tax, Use Tax, or other State, Provincial, or Federal taxes will be added to the invoice as applicable, and are the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyers claiming exemption (e.g. purchasing for resale) must supply the appropriate tax exemption form with their order. In jurisdictions where Exact Furniture is not registered to collect tax, it is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to determine what, if any tax is applicable to the sale and to remit same to the appropriate tax authority.

Product Terms

Specification Changes published are nominal and believed to be accurate at the time of publication. The right to affect, change, or discontinue models at any time without prior notice remains the right of Egan Visual. This right to change applies to catalog contents, price lists, fabric or finishes, as well as details and dimensions.


Each product carries a limited, “Return to Factory” warranty. See the full “Standard Warranty” in the Price & Specification Guide or at www.egan.com or www.exactfurniture.com