Designing for the New AV Office Space

Designing for the New AV Office Space
NEWS 18/05/2022

After bringing your employees back to the office, you may be looking to bring back their enthusiasm and energy to the workplace. Let’s face it, there’s no going back to what we left behind before COVID, and the worldwide lockdowns have reshaped people’s expectations of how they expect to work. Adapting to new styles of workplaces will be key to successfully bringing back the enthusiasm and energy of your employees in a post-COVID19 world.

After experiencing what it was like working with family members nearby, people now crave interaction with coworkers. Zoom fatigue is real, and now, workers want a mix of working at home and going to the office. Creating more collaborative workspaces can unlock value for both your employees and your bottom line.

A New Work Culture
Offices are building more physical spaces for breaks, gatherings, and collaboration – both in-person and remote. The new workplace is a significant departure from traditional, high-density office buildings. Each employee should have their own workstation. Having dedicated workstations will give your employees a place to call their own where they can feel comfortable getting their work done. However, employees should also have easy access to spaces that allow them to socialize, collaborate or recharge their batteries.

At Exact Furniture, we offer various furniture solutions for dedicated workstations and collaborative spaces. Our furniture solutions are highly configurable and customizable, so workstations and spaces can be designed for each individual need.

The Hybrid Office Environment
The changes caused by the pandemic have given birth to the hybrid office environment. It is the business model of blending remote work with office work. A Stanford survey seems to highlight this as 55% of American employees prefer this kind of setup. If you haven’t done it yet, it’s high time you prepare your office to transition into a hybrid workplace. Hybrid collaboration should create a variety of spaces and technology experiences designed to optimize and merge in-office and remote groups.

Exact specializes in manufacturing furniture that brings people together. From our collaborative and huddle table designs to our technology integration designs, we will find the right solution for your space.

Final Thoughts
Designing spaces to your employee’s needs and requests is key to not just bringing your people back, but also their energy and enthusiasm. Choosing the right furniture will unlock value by promoting collaboration, ideation, teamwork, and productivity.