AV Furniture Basics

AV Furniture Basics
NEWS 05/12/2022

AV Furniture Basics

What is AV furniture?

AV furniture is furniture designed to hold AV equipment and technology. Some examples of technology that AV furniture is made to hold are media processors, XTP Systems, processing equipment, smart video cameras, as well as asynchronous and synchronous learning tools.

AV technology is a crucial element in educational and corporate environments such as lecture halls, classrooms, auditoriums and boardrooms. In order to protect the investment your organization makes in AV technology it must be housed in proper furniture. AV furniture is customizable and configured to make sure that the technology operates properly and efficiently.

AV furniture allows installers to organize technology into proper assemblies. Additionally, the furniture is protective and can be customized to add cooling, cable management, and security.

What is an AV rack?

AV racks are the core unit for all AV furniture. They are the frame to which the technology is mounted. AV racks are then installed into visually appealing and protective pieces of furniture.

AV Furniture Rack Frame

AV racks are comprised of rack rails. Rack rails are made from steel and have standard pre-drilled holes that are used for mounting. The spacing between holes is standard and is called a rack unit (“RU”).

Rack Units (“RU”)

One RU is defined as 1.75”. RUs are used to measure the height of rack frames and are the sizing unit for AV furniture.

Rack Unit = 1.75"

Rack Units (“RU”)

Height (in)

1RU 1.75”
2RU 3.5”
3RU 5.25”
4RU 7”
5RU 8.75”
6RU 10.5”
7RU 12.25”
8RU 14”
9RU 15.75”
10RU 17.5”
11RU 19.25”
12RU 21”
13RU 22.75”
 14RU 24.5”
15RU 26.25”

Final Thoughts

Integrating AV technology into your space will require dedicated AV furniture that can house your technology properly and safely. Contact Exact Furniture to learn more about how you can house your AV technology properly.